Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Immersion Assembly

On Monday 14th October, Pt england school had an Immersion assembly because it was the first day back at school. All the students walked inside the hall and sat down waiting
for assembly to start. While the whole school was waiting Mr Jacobson was playing
his brother Mr J's remix.  I wonder what’s gonna happen next?

First Mr Burt said “Fakaalofa lahi atu!” and then he said “Our inquiry is Life’s a stage!” 
When he said it, I felt nervous because it said drama and dancing because I never liked
dancing.  Then I heard Mr Burt say "It’s time for team 1." The teachers did a video about
Cinderella. What I remembered was one of the four sisters saying the prince is looking for a good to dance at the ball.  

My favorite part of the Immersion assembly was team 4's performance because it was about
the Toyshop on Zipzap Avenue.  Because when I first watched it, I saw my little brother in it. He was a dinosaur and I really enjoyed it.  Team 4 teachers were acting four different things from the Toyshop production. They were Teddy bear, Woody, the Transformer and the Shopkeeper.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

The golden toilet that got stolen in Britain

I found an article from kiwi kids news I was looking for something that will make
me Interested in and I saw one article that was talking about The golden toilet in britain.

The golden toilet got stolen from a gang and that gang also stole valuable
artwork in britain and that toilet was stolen from a 66 year old man and he got arrested.
But because of the burglary it was flooded and damaged because the toilet was plumed into the building.The police said that the golden toilet was famously offered to US  President Donald Trump in 2017 and that old man was in police custody.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Term 2 animation I like your Latitude

This is my animation showing around the school first I draw the background then draw my compass and make a dot as your person walking around the school then get a picture of the whole school  and then you can start animating and when I finished animating thats when you can do your voice over.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The world's tallest dog died

Matua brendon

Google's ghostly find

Google's ghostly find

February 18, 2015

The Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution closed down in 1997 but Google Street View
is believed to have found evidence that the building is not completely abandoned…
An image of the orphanage appears to show the ghostly face of a child in the window. The creepy building was also once a hospital and mental asylum and is full of rusty beds and wheelchairs and their have been reports of voices from inside.

The child in the picture appears to be crying and their is said to be several cupboards in the corridor where children were locked in the dark when they misbehaved