Friday, 11 August 2017

Making clocks

On Tuesday room fifteen made beautiful clocks at school. First Ms Eadie give us a round paper plate. Next ms Eadie give  us a pencil ruler.Then we made a hole in the perfect spot.After that we got a fluffy pipe cleaners.We drew  the big numbers around the plate.Finally we decorated our amazing clocks and coloured them.   

Monday, 3 July 2017


Last week Room fifteen made some stunning diorama about a Maori legend called Tamarereti at  Pt England School.First we put our box that was empty.Next we put our names on the box and if we want a night time one or a day time scene. Then we got some beautiful coloured paper and added detail to the box and got a black paper for the beautiful dark sky. After that Room fifteen got coloured paper and added detail to the box and did some trees and some beatutiful flowers to it. After that Iasked Ms Eadie iF  can glue my stuff on to my box then I put some things on Finally Room fifteen got to hang some beautiful yellow stars on our box and got to hang a moon to the box. We got some hard card board and did Tamarereti that put the stars in the sky and drew the Taniwha on the strong card board .Finally my amazing diorama was finshed.