Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Thursday, 29 November 2018

My holidays

In the holidays  me and my family went to my auntie’s house to drop my brother Vili off. Then we stayed there for a little while to talk. After that we  all went back home.

The  first thing that we did was clean the house and we cut the grass. We put the Tongan  flags on my mum’s car and on mine and my sister’s window.

Next my mum, my sister and I went shopping for our dinner and then we went to my Nana’s house for a while then we left back home and had dinner.

Then my other brothers woke up and they  went to play on there PS3 and then they woke me up. I went to the lounge and they were playing UFC then they played Tekken and then they played Call of duty black ops 3 .

After that we had  two dinner the second  dinner that we had was KFC  then we went to pick up Vili on Saturday.

Finally, after two weeks off school, my family and I did a family prayer then we went to sleep.

THE   END .  

Monday, 6 August 2018

Ned's kindness adventure

On Monday morning Pt England School lined up outside and walked to the hall when we all got into the hall Pt England School sat down. Then Pt England School watched a performance the performance was about Ned and Cosmo having a adventure at Kenya. Cosmo called out Caleb and Mia and asked them three Questions. Cosmo gave Caleb and Mia a prize after they answered the three questions and Mia got a Bracelet, Caleb got a necklace like Ned’s necklace but after that Cosmo Chose Branddon, Ana and Callanta to choose one of the Sentences Callanta chose a kindness sentences and Brandon chose people are important and then they got a prize like the rest of them did.

Monday, 2 July 2018

My animation voiceover

Hi my name is Fifita and my animation is about a kite flying in the air. Then the kite goes upon the clouds and shows the Four Forces of Flight.  Lift,drag,thrust and weight. Lift means an upward force.Drag means the force pushing against an object as it moves through the air. Thrust means a force that pushes an object forward. And weight means the earth’s gravity pulling down on an object.

Monday, 14 May 2018